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Huaneng Won the First Prize of China Electric Power Science and Technology
  On November 13th, the 2019 China Power Science and Technology Award was announced in Beijing, and China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. won the first prize for "Key Technologies and Applications for Highly Flexible Operation of Coal-Fired Units".

  “Key Technologies and Applications for Highly Flexible Operation of Coal-Fired Units” was independently developed by Huaneng Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute to tap its own peak-shaving potential. This technology is able to improve the operating flexibility of coal-fired units, realize zero output of low-pressure cylinder, in-depth peak-shaving, and quick loading switch of units based on a relatively little modification and investment. According to the technical appraisal by the Chinese Electrical Engineering Society, the project has good economic and social benefits and prospects for promotion and application, and the overall achievement lead the industry worldwide.

  It is understood that, in order to adapt to the current power market context and improve the peak-shaving capability of coal-fired units, Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute has carried out a series of technical research and achieved many original results. "Key technologies and applications for high flexibility operation of coal-fired units" broke through the minimum steam flow restriction of the low-pressure cylinder of the steam turbine, developed a system to guarantee the safe zero-output operation of low-pressure cylinder, and formed a series of technical solutions for the zero-output of low-pressure cylinder. It has established a key technical system for boiler ultra-low-load peak regulation, including a boiler stable combustion bottom line identification, stable combustion capacity improvement, and dry-to-wet state delayed operation, etc. It has helped to set a dynamic balance control model of the unit's self-storage system, presenting a standard technical solution for the application of self-storage.

  At present, this technology has been promoted and applied on more than 50 coal-fired units. Among them, Lihe Thermal Power Plant of Huaneng North Company is the first power plant in China to apply zero-output of low-pressure cylinder. The flexibility retrofit project has achieved excellent performance, generating a good reputation in the industry.

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