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IEC Turbine TC Secretariat Set Up in Huaneng
  Recently, IEC Turbine TC (IEC/TC5) Secretariat was set up in TPRI. This is the first time for an IEC TC Secretariat be set up in Huaneng.

  Start from this year, Huaneng pays high attention to the work of international standardization. The company has set up a specific department for standardization technology based on TPRI, actively accomplished the working-level interactions and expertise docking with domestic and international standard committees, worked out relevant regulations for standardization management, proactively selected and cultivated talents in standardization, and formed an ‘expert database ofinternational standards’. The works of standardization has achieved great breakthroughs. On April 15th, 2019, Fu Yong, a technical expert from TPRI, was appointed as the assistant secretary of IEC/TC5. Two technical experts joined MT14 and JWG16 working groups of TC5respectively, and got involved with the formulation and amendment of relevant regulations concerning international standards. Furthermore, the company arranged IEC/TC5/JWG16working group meetings, initiated relevant works of international standards in the field of co-generation of heat and power, and analyzed and discussed the Development Report of Co-generation of Heat and Power (discussion draft). The Generic Requirements for Fossil Fuel Power Plants Corrosion Control Engineering Life Cycle, an international standard proposed by Huaneng, has won project approval from the ISO/TC156/SC1 Corrosion Control Life Cycle Standardization Committee. It is Huaneng’s first project approval for international standard, and realizes China’s first-time breakthrough of international standard’s project approval in this sector.

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